Tuesday, June 28, 2011

First Stage

Top: Confit Yuzu, Strawberry Balsamic, Chocolate Nougat
Middle: Chilli, Crispy Praline, Peanut Butter
Bottom: Mango Passionfruit, Green Tea, Lychee

I went to my first stage since arriving in Sydney. It was at a boutique chocolate shop called Kakawa Chocolates. It's still fairly new. Their doors opened less than two years ago. Just by looking at their website, it's obvious they make beautiful chocolates. Their pictures alone made me want to work there. The fact that they make their own ice cream sandwiches and gourmet chocolate bars, that won me over.

Everything they make there is fresh. Their production is in small batches, and made more frequently. They make these delicious hand wrapped soft caramels in five different flavors. The most they would make is about 30 caramels. Until it sells out, they wont make much more than that. Same with their hand dipped chocolates. Production wont start until there are a few chocolates left. They even make their own hot chocolate to go! This is the kind of place I want to work at. You can see the love and care they put into their products. All their products are gluten free as well. This gives a lot more options for people with an increasing intolerance to gluten.

I learned so much just being there for the day. I got the chance to temper chocolate, make caramels, form rochers, and caramelized nut brittle. Whether or not I get the chance to work there, I hope they do well in the future. Chocolates is a very exclusive profession and it's too bad not a lot of people specialize in it. I suppose that's what makes it more special. It's a craft that needs to be honed, and requires a very special kind of temperment when working with chocolate.

I went home with a small box of chocolates courtesy of Kakawa as a thank you for spending the day with them. Thank you Kakawa, it's been my pleasure!

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