Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Nightlife on the streets of Kyoto

I can't believe it's been one year since my last entry. Alot happens in one year. I've started and finished my first pastry chef position, moved out of my apartment, travelled through Southeast Asia, and now living in Sydney for a year. Phew! Yes it's been a whirlwind of events as I'm still trying to wrap my head around all that's happened. The biggest thing for me so far has been my travels.

My boyfriend and I decided that since we were moving to Sydney, why not take advantage of the fact that "while we're here", we might as well see Asia. We started our trip in Hong Kong for two weeks, then travelled from North Vietnam to the South, took a detour to Kyoto to visit a friend, then to Cambodia for ten days, off to Singapore for a few days, then finally Sydney. The whole trip took two and a half months.

The best fishmarket in Kyoto

Hong Kong's famous giant Buddha

I must say that Japan was the highlight of it all. I mean, it was fun travelling through the less developed countries, but something about Japan stole my heart. The locals are very polite, respectful, and everything they do they strive for perfection. We went at the perfect time, weather was perfect. Not too cold nor too hot. I promised Japan that I will visit again someday. I need to save up, it's too easy for me to buy everything in sight.

Sunset on the boat at Halong bay, Vietnam

So for now, Sydney is where my home is. It's been definitely stressful trying to find a job and apartment all at once. It's only been 10 days since we arrived. In time, things always fall into place and start to make sense.

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