Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bondi Beach

I finally went to visit Sydney's famous Bondi Beach yesterday. It's really not far from where I live. Two train stations and a short bus ride later, we got off and the streets where busy with locals and tourists. There is a main street with all the shops, restaurants, and cafes where everyone hangs out. And just a five minute walk across the street, is the beautiful beach. We went on a Sunday and the beach was just buzzing with energy.

The cliff you see in the distance is where many visitors and locals to Bondi go for a leisurely hike.

The water was a deep aqua blue and I didn't see many swimmers. Instead, it was littered with surfers just waiting for that perfect wave to ride. There were lots of people just relaxing in the sand, just soaking in the sun. Volleyball is really popular. There were lots of volleyball nets set up and multiple games were going on all at once.

The view from where we were dining.

We went to a lounge called Iceberg, which also own a restaurant and club just next door. We went there for a few drinks and snacks. They're famous for their signature cocktail made with Campari, Belvedere Vodka, and grapefruit juice. It was so refreshing! The servers were decked out in black dress pants, and a white suit jacket and black tie. The room was designed with a Miami feel to it. The room was white, with brightly coloured couches and cushions.

Artwork that caught my eye.

I'd have to go back to visit in the middle of summer when the weather is hot. I can only imagine how busy it is! I wanted to go for a longer walk. Next time when I'm more appropriately dressed and wearing runners.

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